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Doorain Love here for You the Universal Being.

Welcome to the land of rainbows where all is universal. You are the center of this Universal journey called life. This is your Rainbow School for You are Generation Z, the ones who will change our world, for you are Universal Rainbow Children. You know the path, it is Unity, Togetherness, Cooperation and Compassion. These are your paths, the legendary Golden Pathways, the Yellow Brick Road discovered by simply following your heart as Rainbow Children Everywhere.

Hi, I am Doorain Love, your host for the “Universal Pathway” of Rainbow School. I am both Universal Mother and Rainbow Daughter, I know only unity for like you I am universal, spun of the same fabric of space; the great Universal Vortex found in all life. From the smallest DNA or atom to the largest galaxy star system, You and I spin the same, We are ONE and We are UNIVERSAL.

You are Merged with the Galactic Village. You have seen the Sign Posts your Extended Family has left in Crop Circles and Divine Aligned Pyramids… You know the Rainbow Language, the Language of Light written down in nature, the divine universal geometry. You see the Rainbow as it aligns universally; You are empowered! Let’s go Rainbow Children Your Time is Now.

You The Universal Rainbow

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Pyramid Power

You have witnessed Pyramids your whole life, feeling and sensing there is More to them. Ancient Knowledge of Advanced Life Beyond. You are aligned with the King's/Queen's Central Chamber for it is your portal to the stars. You are innately a part of the Galactic Village, in alignment with the Sacred, healing, transformational energy found within ~ The Magical Geomancy Power of the Pyramid.

Rainbow Being

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Universal Crop Circle

Universal You knows the truth seeing the intricacies of Galactic Village crop circles. You are one with these crop circles’ creators. Welcome Home Star Family showing You the Grand Universal Design. At soul depth you see More, unlimited universal potentials now available for understanding and application on your Planet Earth. You witness gateways to light travel written before you. Geomancy written in the Universal Language of Light. Sound, Light and Vibration Resonate as ONE.

Rainbow being

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Universal Circular Vortex

Here you are spinning at the very center of the Universe. It spins around you and within you. You are Center. Each and All is a Center as well. You Spin in your body’s smallest atomic and DNA structure. All of you is aligned to Universal Circular Vortex Energy. Your seven color chakra energy centers rotate from the base of your spine to above your head. You are the Rainbow Being spinning and in line with all vortices like tornados, rotating planets and great galaxies.

Rainbow being

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Universal Golden Ratios

You measure yourself and all life around you and see all is in divine alignment. Golden ratio of 1.618 to 1.0 is written in your matrix from distances between parts of your face, your arms, your ears, all of you. Plants and trees and all life follow this golden ratio too. You can see it and measure its golden ratio perspectives. You know you are built in a grand universal design of Golden Proportions. You are at One with the Universe.

Rainbow being

See The Rainbow