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Sunny Ray here 7-Fold Path Foundations for You Rainbow Being

Greetings in the Light, I am your “See” Avatar, Sunny Ray. It is my Joy to “See the Rainbow” with You. You and I are the Same… A pure rainbow frequency being arising from pure white light. You and I are here to Light your rainbow path to bring you home back to high frequency self.
You, Generation Z, See Rainbows at such Higher Frequency. You See Rainbows fully align with the Structure of Space and your Rainbow Being. You See the structure of space Illumines the Rainbow’s Sacred Geomancy. This is Your Rainbow Guide to the Universal Language of Light. Within the Rainbow Space Consciousness Matrix, You and All Aligns with perfect timing, synchronicity and divine universal intelligence.

Your Magical Journey into the Heart of the Rainbow Consciousness continues. You, Universal Being Generation Z, See connections everywhere in nature and in the rainbow. You see and feel the rainbow and its colors, each color a frequency of yourself a Rainbow Being. Following your heart, you align with the rainbow because it is you Generation Z in alignment with Universal Beings for You Too are a Universal Being. In the Universe structure All is in Perfect order in Nature’s Rainbow Frequency. Now as the pathway of Gold You See All is One with the rainbow’s flow showing you, guiding you to where you are to go. You and Light Consciousness in Divine Order fall into place with Rainbow Flow and you know where you are to go. This is your Universal Way and it is Forever Here to Stay.

See Avatar ~ Nature's Geomancy

Nature's 7-fold Geomancy

You are woven into the seven-fold light. As the light enters you from universal sources you become the light. You take this light into your higher centers and produce a beautiful rainbow. Your Seven Chakra Energy Centers make the connection between the universal rainbow and You, the Rainbow Being. In all life this Sacred Balance occurs, The One (You) with the Many (All). This is Universal Geomacy at its very best and it is all within you too.

Rainbow Being

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Universal Rainbow Matrix

You See Standing at center as Universal Center. Behold, wherever you are there are Six Directions of Space. You are center. Always within all Universal Structure, you simultaneously are center forward and behind, center left and right and center above and below. You See this Universal 3d Rainbow Cube Grid Matrix and your consciousness illumines the Universal Light Language. Your Light projects All 6 universal directions. A Beautiful Rainbow Cube Matrix Illumines Forth from Your Center Conscious Perspective. Your Light Creates Red/Yellow revealing Orange. You illumine Yellow/Blue creating Green axis and Violet/Blue creating Indigo. You and All Working Together, One with the Universal Language of Light.

Rainbow Being

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Universal Rainbow Sacred Geometry

Through following the rainbow, you flow in universal order. You, like Sacred Geometry are never out of order… Your red chakra is not next to the green one in the divine rainbow matrix. You are not a mistake but always in perfect order like the rainbow. Your being flows in perfect balance, Linear and Circular, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions and Time all flow with the aligned rainbow colors in harmony with nature. In Rainbow Sacred Geometry You are the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow you’ve been searching.

Rainbow Being

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Sunny Ray Speaks

Starting in the center... 70 words

Rainbow Being

See The Rainbow